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Sea Freight

Our Supply Chain

From sea to plate Fish on RepEAT is working to utilise and valorise production waste streams within the seafood supply chain.

Instead of processing versatile and tasty ​fish ​by-products into low value stagnant consumer products we have decided to develop a new product. Something with more value, from the very same fish  block. Fish on RepEAT is a tasty, sustainable and affordable option. 

Our Supply Chain: Welcome

Sustainable Sourcing

Our fish is sourced sustainably. From MSC wild caught tuna from FAO zones in the Pacific Eastern Ocean to responsibly farmed ASC salmon in Alaska. Fish on RepEAT only sources from reputable suppliers.

Sustainable fishing

Fishing & Processing

Once caught the fish will be frozen within 6-20hrs after catch either at sea or at the processing facility.

Fishing Boat

Processing the Fish

The fish is processed into fillets, loins and other cuts. The remnants of this process creates bits and pieces.

Premium fish processing

Creating the Fish Block

Once the processing has taken place, these bits and pieces are turned into a fish block. After this the fish block is frozen.

Up cycling seafood resources

Cutting into Diamonds

Once the fish block has been made the block is cut and the 'diamond pieces' are made.

prepared seafood
Our Supply Chain: Products
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