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Our Partners 

We have a global network of trusted partners and suppliers. This ensures that we can consistently supply a high quality, sustainable, and tasty product.

We are also partnered with product development consultants. Those who can assist you with your R&D needs. Whether you are interested in creating a new batter for your cod pieces or a marinade for your tuna pieces we can ensure your development process is successful. 

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Our Partners: About Us


Sea Frozen is a Dutch company headquartered in Urk. They specialise in frozen fish products.

We align with Sea Frozen as they are always looking for long-term sustainable relationships, not a quick deal. Long term strategic partnerships build on mutual respect and trust. They source high quality fish worldwide, from the North Sea to the Indian Ocean and from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean and back.

Being positioned in Urk means that they are in cooperation with many local cutting-edge processors. This ensures that the production of Fish on RepEAT is localised, fully traceable, and of a high standard.

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FRIME- The Sustainable Tuna Company is a family Business Corporation with over 35 years of experience. They are headquartered in Barcelona. 

They are partnered with Pesca Azteca - a leading tuna fishing company with the largest private tuna fleet in the world, with a total of 23 vessels and an overall annual carrying capacity of 85,000 tons. Occupying the world’s largest MSC tuna biomass.

You will find FRIME's products in the best markets and the world's most exclusive HORECA. 

Their products are award-winningly tasty, having been awarded by the International Taste Institute the last 3 years running for the superior taste of their tuna. 

We are partnered with FRIME as sustainability and taste are at the centre of their business model. FRIME has a fully integrated and traceable supply chain- ensuring transparency, quality and supply. All of their products are controlled by EU Veterinary Standards & are IFS certified.

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Vibes for Fish 

Vibes for Fish has a wide range of partners and clients in the seafood industry. Through a vast global network, Vibes for Fish links sustainable actors in the industry together. They customise their services to address individual needs, assisting with innovation, sourcing, and sales. 

Fish on RepEAT is a concept brand headed by Vibes for Fish. They believe that fish is one of the tastiest and healthiest products available. Vibes for Fish aims to help its partners put seafood on the dinner table. With Fish on RepEAT  this should be possible- by creating a product which is tasty, healthy and affordable, and, above all; responsible to our oceans and the precious resource that is fish.

Our Partners: Testimonials
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